Confessions of a Manifesting Addict

  • Petitioning Yemaya / Yemoja

    How do you petition the orisha Yemaya with her candle ?Who is the orisha, Yemaya /Yemoja? In this video we speak about the beautiful motherly energy of yemayá and how her òrísha candle is beneficial for you.
  • Four Laws of Spirituality

    This video will describe the 4 laws of spirituality and describe why they are important to know and understand. Spirituality and the journey that comes with it, can be challenging, especially when it comes to the dark night of the soul but once you assess where you are and apply these laws, the journey will become brighter and better.
  • Law of Attraction 101

    How do you define law of attraction? What is the law of attraction (LOA) and how to use it? Simple! This video will break it down for you in less than 5 minutes! The law of attraction is simply using a large magnet (your brain) to energetically match the frequency of an object.... Once you find the secret, you can attract anything! It's law!
  • Easy Spells for Beginners

    This video includes a few things for basic spellwork and beginner spells that anyone can do! From beginner to advanced, spells can be as complicated or as basic as needed while still being effective. All you need is belief!
  • How to Petition Oya

    Want to petition Oya? Must watch this first!

    This video will cover how to petition Oya.

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    Characteristics of Oya- Number: 9

    Colors: Purple / Maroon
    (Yellow, blue, red etc...represent her 9 stillborn children),

    Orisha of change, clearing of paths and obstacles, destruction by wind, Animals: Butterflies, Dragonflies,